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Children can learn! Children can learn to BEE AMAZING! 

Zippy Buzzy Bee believes that when one book closes, another opens. That’s why we want to be sure that you conveniently find your child's next favorite so the adventure never ends. Read our enthralling, educational story by visiting us at our store or see our testimonials below!

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Zippy Buzzy Bee

Zippy Buzzy Bee narrates 13 exciting character-building stories. Children follow this motivating bee on a journey chronicling a school day. Zippy uses character words, definitions, hidden alphabet, and thought-provoking questions to engage in conversation. Young learners are empowered to problem-solve and recover quickly from mishaps. Zippy Buzzy Bee is an International 2021 Platinum MarCom award-winning book for outstanding creativity in the Design/Cartoon category. Peep inside!

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Testimonials - What people are saying!

Lisa Johnson's

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Carolyn Jackson's

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Larry Peterson

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Tiffany Bowers

Former Educator & Triplet Mom

“As a former educator and now homeschool mom of tripletboys, this book is perfect to help my boys build good character. The different scenarios encourage my childrento problem-solve and think through various situations.”

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Kimberly R. Pittman

School Principal

“Zippy Buzzy Bee presents an uncanny ability to connect with young students through exciting stories of character education.”

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Mom of 2

“Zippy Buzzy Bee is a fun and interactive character who teaches my two-year-old toddler behavioral skills that are crucial to early childhood development and reinforces them for my eleven-year-old. Must have for all families!”

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